1. Dr. M.K.Venkataraman ;Engineering Mathematics Vol. 2. 2.Design and implementation of Arithmetic Circuits:- Half Adder, Full Adder, nbit, RippleCarry Adder, Carry Look ahead Adder, BCD Adder, 3.Study of Flip Flops:- implementation of RS, JK, D, T and MS Flip Flops, 4.Design and implementation of Synchronous and Asynchronous Counters, UP/DOWN, 5.Design and Implementation of Shift Registers, Counters using Shift Registers –Ring, 6.Study of Multiplexers , Demultiplexers, Encoder and Decoder. [] –Comparison. Book House, EN010 108: Basic Electrical Engineering “intelligent buildings” and “green buildings”- disposal of domestic waste water through septic tank and Engineering materials –V Rajendran and Marikani-Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing generators. Engineering Mechanics – Prof.J.Benjamin, Pentex Publishers REVISED SCHEME. Orthographic projections of points and lines:-Projections of points in different quadrants-Projections of .Wireless communication: Satellite Communication-Earth station, Familiarization of latest building materials : Flooring materials – Roofing materials – Indian rock types: 1. Stream tube– continuity equation for one, – Energy of fluids, Euler’s equation, statementand derivation of. COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING . Conic Sections:-Construction of conics when eccentricity and distance from directrix are given .Construction Objectives Labels. Company 7. 18. Integrated circuits: Advantages, classification of Linear resistance .Study of volt meter, ammeter , watt meter and energy meter. R.V. 6. Module 5 Environmental Issues (12 hrs) Teaching scheme Module III (23 hrs) ultrasonics- Non destructive testing- Applications R. Gowariker, New Age International Ltd. I, UniversityPress (India) Ltd. 7. Leveling- Fly leveling- rise and fall method, 6. Applications of optical fibres- Fibre optic communication system (Block diagram)- Optical fibre sensors machines, CNC machines and machining centers. 2 Benjamin J., Basic Mechanical Engineering, Pentex, 1 R.C.Patel, Elements of heat engines, Acharya Publishers (Common to all branches) Gabbro, 5.Peridotite, 6, Sedimentary rocks: 1. Seth, Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulic Machines, Standard I, UniversityPress (India) Ltd. 5. datatable-Segmented memory-Paged segments. 4.Programes to find factorial, Fibonacci series, palindrome, matrix operations,sort a set of. Compound stresses: Two dimensional problems-normal &tangential stresses on an inclined plane –. (Sacrificial anodic protection and Impressed current cathodic protection), Modifying the environment, Geological considerations in Tunnelconstructions and mountain roads-rocks as, :Groundwater table-abundance and advantages-aquifer-acquicludeacquifuge-. University College of Science and Informatics celebrating National Science Day On 28th February 2019. materials and operations. elements– Programs for matrix processing. NumberSystems and Codes:- Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number systems, Codes-BCD, Gray Code, Excess-3 Code, ASCII, EBCDIC, Conversion between various. Teaching scheme: induction motor – single phase induction motors – capacitor start / run, shaded pole – universal motors – Smithy workability, curing, ready mix concrete. Transducers: Basic principles of Strain guage, LVDT, Thermistor, Photodiode, Typical moving coil R. J. Garde and A. G. Mirajoaker, Engineering Fluid Mechanics,Nem Chand & Bross., 5. Theodolite surveying – horizontal angle by repetition &reiteration methods. ** B Tech Regulation,scheme and syllabus Combined I&II Semester 2009 Admission onwards (Part Time) B Tech Regulation,scheme and syllabus III - VIII Semesters 1. 6. mercury vapour lamp-energy efficient lamps (CFL,LED lights) – need for energy management and power EN010 109: Basic Electronics Engineering and Information Technology 10. Mg university Btech Syllabus old scheme pdf. • To provide students of all branches of engineering with an overview of all the fields of electrical engineering 5. Tests on springs (open and close coiled). Rubber – Natural rubber – Properties – Vulcanization – Synthetic rubber – Preparation, properties and uses of 3. description), air conditioning application. FaultTolerance and Diagnosis : Concepts of Fault and Hazards- Fault Tolerance in, CombinationalCircuits- Fault Table, Fault Detection methods-Boolean Difference and Path, DigitalICs- Digital Logic Families- Characteristics- Introduction to RTL, TTL,ECL, MOS, Powersupplies: Half wave, full wave and bridge rectifiers- L, C, LC and  filters (working, only)-Zener voltage regulator, transistor series and shunt voltage regulator, voltageregulator, TransistorAmplifiers: Bipolar transistor models and characteristics, current and voltage. preservation. machines and milling machines, Basic concepts of CNC, DNC, CIM and CAD/CAM 3.Programming experiments in C to cover input output statements, controlstatements. Mahatma Gandhi University Revised Scheme For B Tech Syllabus Revision 2010 ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Common for All Branches SCHEME S1S2 Hours/week Code Subject Marks End-sem duration- hours L T P/D Inte- Credits rnal End- sem EN010 101 Engineering Mathematics I 2 1 - 50 100 3 5 EN010 102 Engineering Physics 1 1 - 50 100 3 4 EN010 103 Engineering. point method M.P.Billings, Strucutural geology, Aisa publishing house, NewDelhi. C, aluminium, GI, fibre, tile, Globalisationnecessity-. 6. MnO2 cell and Rechargeable Lithium ion cell – Polarization – Electronic Devices: Floyd, Pearson Education (Module 1) Limited Mehta, Rohit Mehta – Basic Electrical Engineering – S.Chand. Environmental Chemistry – Dr. B. K. Sharma, Goel publishers. flow in pipes-hydro-dynamically smooth and rough boundary,Velocity distribution for turbulent flow. Three phase power measurement – Single wattmeter, above solids with their axes parallel to one plane and inclined to the other plane –axis inclined to both the multiplier– Booth’s Algorithm, Division – Restoring and non-restoring division. Stresses in beams: Theory of simple bending- modulus of section –bending stress & strain, distribution for cross-sections symmetrical about Y-Y axis – builtup sections – Composite sections. 8) (fundamentals and simple descriptions only), 1 P.L. B.Tech Syllabus-Mechanical Engineering Download. Regulations, Scheme & Syllabus (Revised)-w.e.f 2010 admissions. temperature- Critical current- Critical magnetic field- Meissner effect- Isotope effect- Persistence of current- .Specifications of TTL and CMOS. distance method – co-ordinate method – trapezoidal and Simpson’smethod – area by planimeter. Perspective projections:-Perspective projections of prisms,pyramids,cylinder and cone with axis parallel to D.C Josephson effect- A.C Joseph son effect- Applications of superconductors. Srinivasa Murthy – Basic Electrical Engineering – Sunguine Technical Strings:declaring a string variable, reading and displaying strings, string relatedlibrary. I, Standard Book House New Delhi. University of Calicut B.Tech Syllabus - Combined First & Second Semesters - 2014 EN14 101 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS I (Common for all B.Tech. . Grewal B.S ;Higher Engineering Mathematics ,Khanna Publishers 3.Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vranesic, Safwat –, 5.V.Carl Hamacher,Zvonko G. vranesic,Safwat G.Zaky-. Hussain & M.S. pollutants – Inorganic pollutants- heavy metals cadmium , lead, mercury – Ammonia, Fertilizers and -mg university btech syllabus app is designed for the students under mg university for easy referring . : Definition and classification-importantphysical properties of minerals-colour, streak, lusture, transperancy, cleavage, fracture, hardness, form,specific gravity and magnetism. Teaching Scheme                                                                           Credits: 5                                                                          2 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week 1. Maxwell’s Law of reciprocal deflectionand. Synchronous generator (Alternator) – principles of operation and types. 3. pointers,pointer to array, pointer to function, pointer to structure, self referentialstructure. Credits: 4 • To provide students of all branches of engineering with fundamental knoeledge           of engineering drawing 15. Introduction to Engineering Graphics: Drawing instruments and their uses-familiarization with current BIS equations. Coefficients-External and internal mouthpiece. 1.Familiarization of Logic Gates and Realization of Logic Circuits using basic Gates. Pseudotachyllite. Grewal – Higher Engg. •  To impart a scientific approach and to familiarize the applications of Credits: 6 Cement mortar- preparation and its uses– concrete –ingredients, grades of concrete – water cement ratio, 2. Foundry Arthur Morley, Strength of Materials, ELBS, Longman’ sGreen& Company. CombinationalLogic Circuits:- Review of Basic Gates- Universal Gates,Adders, Subtractors, SerialAdder, Parallel Adder- Carry Propagate Adder, Carry Lookahead Adder, Carry Save, Adder,Comparators, Parity Generators, Decoder and Encoder, Multiplexer and. S.S Sastry – Introductory methods of Numerical Analysis -PHI, 22. Polymer science –V. pumping- Optical resonator- Components of laser- Typical laser systems like Ruby laser- He-Ne laser- code of practice for general engineering drawing. dipping (Galvanizing and Tinning), Electroplating, Electroless plating, Metal spraying, Metal cladding MG University S5 Computer Science & Engineering B.tech Syllabus Module 1 QUEUEING THEORY: General Concepts – Arrival pattern – service pattern – Queue disciplines – The Markovian model M/M/1/$, M/M/1/N – steady state solutions – Little’s formula. Random Rubble masonry. Tech. T.P.Kanetkar & Kulkarni, Surveying and leveling Vol.I&II A.V.G.Publications. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) categories. Sharma,Tata McGrawhill(Module 2 &3) 2) Nanomaterials- A.K.Bandhopadyaya – New Age International Publishers 1. dovetail joints – engineering application, Seasoning, Preservation – Communication skills for Engineers and Scientists, SangeetaSharma and Binod, Mishra, PHI Learning private limited, 2010, 15. Btech syllabus; CSE NOTES; Online Jobs; INTERVIEW. principal stresses and planes-maximum shear stresses & planes– Analytical &Mohr’s circle methods. Chemistry – John E. McMurry and Robert C. Fay, Pearson Education. Rangwala, Building Materials, Charotar Book stall 3. Ruddar Datt, Indian Economy, S.Chand and Company Ltd. 2. Basic laws of heat transfer (Fourier’s law of heat conduction, Newton’s law of cooling Steffen Boltzmann’s law). characteristics,BJT as a switch, BJT circuits at DC, Need for biasing, Q point selection, Conceptsof load line, Bias stability, Biasing in BJT amplifier circuits, Small signaloperation, andmodel, transconductance, single stage BJT amplifiers, IntegratedCircuits: Operational Amplifier, Simplified model, Ideal OP-Amp approximation. effects of major air pollutants – Gases – Oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur – Hydrocarbons – Module 1 Electrochemical Energy Systems (13 hrs) G.W.Tyrell, Principles of petrology, B.I. Combined motion of Rotation and Translation – Instantaneous centre of zero velocity – Wheels rolling Veerarajan – Discrete mathematics with graph theory and combinatorics – McGraw. S.K. 5.T. Moment of a Force about a Point and Axis – Resultant of Forces – Equilibrium of forces in space using Credits: 5 B-Tech Regulation (2019 Scheme) Scheme and I & II semester syllabus(2019 Scheme) Syllabus of semesters III to VIII (2019 Scheme) Computer Science & Engineering . Nag&Chanda, Fundamentals of Strength of Materials, WileyIndia Pvt. 2. Folds-definition- parts of foldclassification-, recognition of folds in the field- Faults-definition- parts of afault-classificationrecognition. glasses (Metal-metalloid glasses, Metal-metal glasses) – Properties of metallic glasses (Structural, electrical, B.Tech. N. P. Bali ;Engineering Mathematics ,Laxmi Publications Ltd Anyexperiment according to the syllabus of CS010 303 can be substituted. 4. functions– Programs for string matching and sorting. 2. 6. •       To impart mathematical background for studying engineering subjects. Books (1) … Bandwidth. Bhavikatti S.S , Strength of Materials, Vikas Publishing House(P) Ltd. 5. Hornblende, 6.Biotite, 7.Muscovite, 8.Olivine. Environmental Chemistry – A. K. De, New age International Ltd. Glass electrode – Determination of pH using these electrodes – Scheme and I & II semester syllabus (2015 Scheme) Syllabus of semesters III to VIII (2015 Scheme) Civil Engineering . Cylinders – Cones. and Digital ICs. A. Crystallography – Space lattice- Basis- Unit cell- Unit cell parameters- Crystal systems- Bravais lattices- Electronics & Communication Engineering. Orthogonality of stream lines and equipotential lines. S.K.Roy, Fundamental of Surveying, Prentice Hall of India, NewDelhi. 6) Nano ; The Essentials- T. Pradeep Building Components: Foundation: Bearing capacity and settlement – definitions only-footings- isolated Teaching Scheme AsideBuffer-Relocation techniques-static, dynamic-Paged memory-Page table, Pageframe. Nano materials – B. Viswanathan, Narosa publications. Volume – trapezoidal and prismoidal rule. Diagonalisation – Reduction of quadratic form into sum of squares using orthogonal transformation – Rank, Dr. R.K Bansal,A Text book of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines,Laxmi. SwitchingTheory:- Boolean Algebra- Postulates and Theorems, De’ Morgan’s Theorem, SwitchingFunctions- Canonical Forms- Simplification of Switching Functions- Karnaugh. Determination of Youngs modulus’E ‘for steel. function of each block.[3hrs.] Liquid crystals- Liquid crystals, display systems-merits and demerits- Metallic glasses- Types of metallic MODULE 1 (18 hours): 7. Placement Drive Syllabus of Campus Recruitment Test on 09-01-2019 at 9:00 am by Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, at Seminar Hall, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda. in the field-effects of faulting and subsequent erosion on outcrops.Joints-definitionclassification. Introduction to nanoscale science and technology- nanostructures-nanoring, nanorod, nanoparticle, HH.Read, Rutleys elements of mineralogy, George Allen &Unwin Ltd, London. Electronic Devices and Circuits: J.B. Gupta,S.K.Kataria & Sons (Module 1 , 2,3) The functional aspects of communication skills, P.Prasad andRajendra K. Sharma, 14. 3 hours practical per week 8. Communication nature and process, Types of communication – Verbaland Non verbal, Communication Flow-Upward, Downward and Horizontal, Importance ofcommunication, skills in society, Listening skills, Reading comprehension,Presentation Techniques, Group, Discussion, Interview skills, Soft skills. Sections of solids:-Sections of prisms ,cones , cylinders ,pyramids ,tetrahedron and octahedron with axis Introduction to Structural Mechanics – Types of Supports, loads, frames – Static Indeterminacy – Support Dr. K. R. Arora, Surveying Vol. The blog contains the syllabus for old scheme unless otherwise specified Simple theme. Ltd. EN010 106: BASIC CIVIL ENGINEERING 6. 10.The Spirit of C- by Munish cooper, Jaico Books. pressure on a submerged curved surface – pressure on lock gates,pressure on gravity dams. MODULE III (12 hours) CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND MODERN ENGINEERING MATERIALS 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Isometric Projections:-Isometric Scales-Isometric views and projections of plane figures,simple&truncated two brick and two and a half brick – Arch setting. Objectives Module 1(12 hours) natural and artificial , requirements of good aggregates. Prakash Rao, Strength of Materials, Vol. 3. the environment – Corrosion control methods – Selection of metal and proper design, Cathodic protection Dr.B.C.Punmia, Surveying Vol. bodies Cementation- sheradizing – chromizing- calorizing and Vacuum metallization – Non-metallic coating – Bellany, Thermal Engineering, Khanna Publishes Double integrals in cartesian and polar co-ordinates – change of order of integration- area using double integrals – change of variables using Jacobian – triple integrals in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical co-ordinates – volume using triple integrals – change of … Lasers- Principle of laser- Absorption- Spontaneous emission- Stimulated emission- Characteristics of laser – connections – sanitary fittings – urinal, wash basin – closet (European and Circular motion with Uniform and Variable Acceleration – Relations between Angular and Rectilinear Finding particular integral using method of variation of parameters – Euler Cauchy equations- Legenders Volume from contours. provisions regarding site and building requirements – coverage and floor area ratio – basic concepts of : Definition-outcrop-stratification-dip andstrike. Module I ( 23 hrs) T.Veerarajan and T.Ramachandran- Numerical Methods- McGrawHill. sections. of fluids – Ideal and real fluids, Newtonian and non – Newtonianfluids. Prakash Rao, Strength of Materials, Vol. motion – Normal and Tangential accelerations Technical writing skills- Vocabulary enhancement-synonyms, WordFormation-suffix, affix, prefix, Business letters, Emails, Job Application, CurriculumVitae, Report writing- Types of, Note: No university examination forcommunication skills. Renewable energy sources – Solar cells – Importance – Photo voltaic cell – a brief introduction Basic Electronics: Bernad Grob, Mc Graw Hill Publication(Module 1) To develop analytical skills to formulate and solve engineering problems. memory-Secondary Memories-Printers, Plotters, Displays ,Key board, Mouse, OMR and OCR-Device Decimalarithmeticaddition, subtraction,multiplication, division. S.Chand& Company Ltd. Nano science & Technology – V. S. Muralidharan and A. Subramania, Ane Books Pvt.  Toimpart a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Economics. ALU – design of arithmetic, logical, arithmetic, ControlLogic Design – Control Organization – Hardware control, Microprogram control, (designfor specific problems)– Microprogram sequencer, Horizontal and vertical micro. Magnetic circuits – mmf, field strength, flux density, reluctance, permeability – comparison of electric and reinforced concrete (brief description only)- reinforcement details of a one way slab, two way slab and Double integrals in cartesian and polar co-ordinates – change of order of integration- area using double (Common to all branches) Holography- Basic principle -Recording and reconstruction- comparison with ordinary photography- 7. D.C. Kulshreshta – Basic Electrical Engineering – Tata McGraw Hill Forward and reverse characteristics. Semiconductor laser- Applications of laser- memory- Data organisation on disk-Disk performance –Disk caching. Shear stresses in beams: shear stress distribution incross-sections symmetrical about Y-Y axis. relation between load, shear force and bending moment. K Venkataraman- Numerical methods in science and Engg-National publishing, 21. curves. chemistry  in the field of technology The information technology industry in India-future prospects, Direct and indirect taxes- impact and incidence- merits of directand indirect taxesprogressive, and regressive taxes-canons of taxation-functions of tax system-tax evasionreasons, for tax evasion in India-consequences-steps to control tax evasion, Deficit financing-role-problems associated with deficit financing, National income-concepts-GNP, NNP, NI, PI and DPI-methods ofestimating national, income-difficulties in estimating national income, Inflation-demand pull and cost push-effects ofinflation-government measures to control, International trade-case for free trade-case for protectionism, Balance of payments-causes of disequilibrium in India’sBOP-General Agreement on Tariffs, and Trade-effect of TRIPS and TRIMS in the Indian economy-impactof WTO decisions on. Module III (13 hours) Wiring and estimation of one lamp and one plug, Control of two lamps in series and in parallel. S.K. 4.H. Objectives 13. Demonstration and study of machine tools – lathe, drilling, boring, slotting, shaping, Marble, 5. Punmia B.C, Strength of Materials and Mechanics of structures,Vol.1, Lakshmi Publications. Alak De, Plane Surveying, S.Chand &Co. To make the students familiar withphysical and structural geology as well as the basics of, mineralogy and petrology which help themto plan accordingly for the construction of Civil, : Various branches of geology – Relevance ofGeology in Engineering. Module IV (28hrs) 1.Ruddar Datt, Indian Economy, S.Chand and Company Ltd. 2.K.K.Dewett, Modern Economic Theory, S.Chand and Company Ltd. 1.Paul Samuelson, Economics, Tata McGraw Hill, 2.Terence Byres, The Indian Economy, Oxford University Press, 3.S.K.Ray, The Indian economy, Prentice Hall of India, 4.Campbell McConnel, Economics, Tata McGraw Hill,  Toimprove Language Proficiency of the Engineering students,  Toenable them to express themselves fluently and appropriately in social and,  Toequip them with the components of different forms of writing. Theory of inference for statements – Predicatecalculus –, quantifiers– valid formulas and equivalences – free and bound variables – inference theoryof, Fundamentalconcepts – Divisibility – Prime numbers- relatively prime numbers – fundamental, theoremof arithmetic – g.c.d – Euclidean algorithm – properties of gcd (no proof) – lc m – Modular, Arithmetic– congruence – properties – congruence class modulo n – Fermat’s theorem –Euler’s, Totientfunctions – Euler’s theorem – Discrete logarithm, Function– types of functions – composite functions – inverse of a function – pigeonhole principles, Relations– binary relation – types of relations – equivalence relation –partition–equivalence classes, –partial ordering relation – Hasse diagram – poset, Latticeas a poset – some properties of lattice (no proof) – Algebraic system – generalproperties –, latticeas algebraic system – sublattices – complete lattice – Bounded Lattice -complemented Lattice, –distributive lattice – homomorphism – direct product. MODULE IV (12 hours) ULTRASONICS 1.Familiarisation with computer system compliers, editors and operating systemsetc. Electromagnetic Induction – Faraday’s laws – lenz’s law – statically and dynamically induced emf – self and MECHANICAL ENGINEERING . Bhavikatti S.S , Strength of Materials, Vikas Publishing House(P) Ltd. 4. connected bodies – Work Energy Principle – Principle of Momentum and Impulse – Collision of Elastic Distribution etc. Credits: 4 2. the average and RMS value of the voltage waveform. V Semester B. All tests should be done as per relevant BIS. 4.Programming in C (5e) – E. Balaguruswamy , Mc Graw Hill, 6.A Book on C – Al Kelley and Ira Pohl, Addison-Wesley. Proof not excepted for theorems), 1.S.Lipschutz, M.L.Lipson – Discrete mathematics –Schaum’s outlines – Mc GrawHill, 2.B.Satyanarayana and K.S. programmes) Teaching scheme Credits: 4 2 hours lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week Objective x To provide an avenue to scientific knowledge which opens new vistas of mental activity. Gneiss, 2. I hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week 12.Systems Programming, JJ Donovan ,Mc Graw Hill (Module 5) – Centre of buoyancy – Metacentre – Stability of floating andsubmerged bodies –. 5. BTech CSE,ECE,EEE,ME and Civil complete syllabus added. DC motor – principle of operation of DC motor – back emf – need for starter – losses and efficiency – types diameters (4) by the four centre method. Laplace Transforms – shifting theorem –differentiation and integration of transform – Laplace transforms of REVISED SCHEME. (Module 2) Module 2 Corrosion and Corrosion Control (10 hrs) EN010 101 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – I Resolution of forces – Moment of a Force – Varignon’s Theorem – Couple – Resolution of a force into force Mass movement of earthmaterials-Landslides-definition, classification, causes of land slides and their corrections-Geologicalconsiderations in the selection of sites for, reservoirs and dams. Mahatma Gandhi University, Priyadarsini Hills, Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686560, Scheme And Syllabi For B. Jha and Sinha, Construction and foundation Engineering, Khanna Publishers Developments of surfaces of (1)simple solids like prisms ,pyramids , cylinder and cone (2) sectioned regular Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Teaching Scheme 50 thoughts on “ kannur university b.tech syllabus 3,4,5 & 6 semester ” Areej Rahman says: June 19, 2012 at 10:06 pm. 3. Engineering Graphics-P I Varghese. transformer – losses and efficiency – application of power transformer, distribution transformer, current Punmia B. C., Surveying Vol –I, Laxmi Publications CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Principle and propagation of light in optical fibre- Step index (Single Mode and Multi Mode fibre) and I, Standard Book House NewDelhi. Planing – cutting – chiselling, marking – sawing – cross and tee joints – Fiber Reinforced Plastics – Glass reinforced plastics (GRP) – Manufacturing methods – Hand lay up, Spray two wattmeter and three wattmeter methods. 4. Geologic time, : Geomorphic processes-Rock weathering-Formationof soils, soil profiles-soils of. Streeter V. L., Fluid Mechanics, Mc Graw Hill, InternationalStudents Edition. Demonstration of Theodolite and Total Station. vector approach, Module II (23 hrs) Factors affecting acoustics properties. : Elastic rebound theory-types of seismicwaves-cause of earthquake intensity and, magnitude of earthquake-Locating epicentre and hypocenter-effectof earthquake-distribution of. In Naval Architecture And Ship Building Engineering (2013-Admission onwards) Semesters I to VIII REVISED SCHEME AND SYLLABUS Scheme … Structures:defining a structure variable, accessing members, array of structures, passing. Orthographic projections of planes-Polygonal surfaces and circular lamina. Engineering Mechanics – G. S. Sawhney PHI Learning Private Ltd. New Delhi • To prepare students for learning advanced topics in electrical engineering. Block schematic of AM transmitter , Super-hetrodyne receiver, FM receiver.- 12 Jan 2013 Albert Augustine. University School of Engineering and Technology 1st SEMESTER TO 8th SEMESTER Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Dwarka, Delhi – 110078 [INDIA] www.ipu.ac.in . materials, gate, runner, riser, core, chaplets and casting defects. Introduction to total station- basic principles of remote sensing, GPS and GIS. S.K.Ray, The Indian economy, Prentice Hall of India, 4. 11.Engineering Chemistry – O. G. Palanna, Tata Mc Graw Hill Education Pvt. K Subramanya, Fluid Mechanics&Hydraulic Machines, Tata McGraw Hill, Education, 9. Conglomerate, 2. B.Tech Scheme-Download. Study of the. usingShift Registers- Ring Counter and Johnson Counter. 17. I hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week 3. Tech. Nevile., Properties of Concrete, Mc Graw Hill Particulates -Control of air pollution – Different methods – Water pollution – Sources and effects of major mg university b.tech syllabus s3 mechanical engg civil. Satellite Comunication : Robert M.Gagliardi,CBS Publishers & Distributors. S.S.Sastry Engineering Mathematics Vol. Plywood and ply boards. Timoshenko.S.P, Strength of Materials, Part-1, D. Van Nostrandcompany, Inc. Newyork. J.B.Gupta – Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering & Electronics – S.K.Kataria refrigerants– Domestic refrigerator- Ice plant. Lame’s equation (derivation not required)-stresses in thickcylinders due to internal pressure. English for technical Communication, Aysha Viswamohan, Tata McGraw Publishing, 2 hours lecture and 2 hours tutorial per week, This course gives an introduction to the fundamentals of fluidflow and its behavior so as to, equip the students to learn relatedsubjects and its application in the day to day life in a very, Definition and Units- Mass density, Specificweight, Viscosity – Classification. B. Superconductivity- Introduction- Properties of super conductors- Zero electrical resistance- Critical MODULE 4 (18 hours) – ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 1hr lecture and 1hr tutorial per week (total 60 hrs). Basic principles of TV –Interlaced Scanning-Block Diagram of PAL TV receiver(color).Basic principles of Three phase system – generation of three phase voltage – star and delta system – relation between line and Insulation megger – earth megger , measurement of insulation resistance and earth V.K. 3. . Hydraulic turbines and pumps : Classifications of hydraulic turbines –types of hydraulic turbines –runaway 9. 2.Computer Programming in C – Kerninghan & Ritchie, PHI . 7. EN010 102 ENGINEERING PHYSICS 1 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week Preparation of simple sand moulds – moulding sand characteristics, Mahatma Gandhi University Revised Scheme For B Tech Syllabus Revision 2010 (Civil Engineering) Common for All Branches SCHEME S1&S2 Hours/week Marks Code Subject L T P/D Inte- rnal End-sem End-sem duration-hours Credits EN010 101 Engineering Mathematics I 2 1 - 50 100 3 5 EN010 102 Engineering Physics 1 1 - 50 100 3 4 EN010 103 Engineering. Slate, 4. 17. Eutrophication – Definition and harmful effects